The Department of System Engineering is preparing the masters in the educational program Information Technology designing and the educational program System Design for persons who have received a Bachelor’s and Bachelor’s degree in specialty 122 Computer Science.

In addition, the Department of System Engineering is preparing masters in the educational program Computerized Control Systems and Automatics for persons who have received an educational degree of Bachelor and Specialist in specialization 151 Automation and Computer-Integrated Technology (educational program System Engineering).

The magistracy on a competitive basis is accepted by students who have successfully defended the Bachelor degree attestation work before the State Examination Commission, have a corresponding diploma or a diploma of a specialist and have certain results in scientific work on a specialty. During the year, studying students study subjects in accordance with the curriculum and conduct in-depth research on selected scientific subjects under the direction of the teacher of the department.

Magistracy at the department are

  • prof. I.V. Grebennik “Information Technologies in Problems of Geometric Designing”,
  • prof. V.V. Bezkorovayny “Management of the processes of design, creation and development of territorially distributed systems”,
  • prof. S.I. Chaynykov “Methodology of system analysis and design of modern computerized business systems”,
  • prof. V.G. Ivanov “Methods of studying the behavioral properties of distributed systems in their design”.
  • prof. M.Yu. Vishnyak “Informational technologies of designing in reengineering of business processes”,
  • prof. Yu.V. Mischeryakov “Methods of synthesis and optimization of distributed corporate computer systems”,
  • prof. N.I.Kalita “Research and development of methods and tools of automated management of the behavior of social groups in organizational systems”,
  • prof. L.V. Kolesnyk,
  • associate professor L.N. Rebezyuk “Research and development of mechanisms for searching for design solutions using the case-law method in various subject areas”,
  • associate professor B.Y. Imagulova

With the successful defense of the master’s work DEC recommends that you continue your postgraduate studies.