Scientific work

Department of Systems Engineering operates a recognized in Ukraine and abroad scientific school “Development of methodology and instrumental means for analysis and synthesis of integrated information and control systems for large-scale socio-economic and technical objects “, scientific supervisor – Professor Igor Grebennik.

Within the scientific school, the following fundamental directions are developed:
  • research and development of construction principles and design methods for decision support systems;
  • application of modern information technology for complex systems design;
  • research of methodological bases of design and management in organizational and technological systems;
  • development of simulation and optimization modeling methods;
  • decision-making theory under multicriteria conditions;
  • development of social group management theory;
  • mathematical modeling and methods of applied mathematics;
  • informatization of socio-economic sphere;
  • design of information and analytical systems for emergencies;
  • information technologies in geometric design tasks;
  • methodology of system analysis and design of modern computerized business systems;
  • information technologies for business process reengineering;
  • information support of moving objects control (communication, navigation, surveillance).
Basic scientific researches of Systems Engineering Department are carried out in the following directions:
  • “Mathematical Models and Methods for Structural-Topological Synthesis of Territorially Distributed Objects”, scientific supervisor – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Beskorovainyi;
  • “Mathematical Modeling and Solving of Combinatorial Optimization Problems in Geometric Designing”, scientific supervisor – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Igor Grebennik;
  • “System Analysis, Modeling and Optimization of Complex Socio-Economic Systems” – scientific supervisors – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor Nadiia Kalyta, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Alina Nechyporenko.
Postdoctoral studies in specialties:
  • 01.05.02 – Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods;
  • 05.13.06 – Information Technology;
  • 05.13.12 – Automation Design Systems.

Currently 4 postgraduates and 1 doctoral student are studying at the Postgraduates Studies.

According to the materials of scientific research at the Department in recent years, 12 candidate’s theses have been prepared.

Research work of students at the Department of Systems Engineering is carried out in order to improve the level of professional training and develop creative possibilities of future NURE graduates. The individual scientific leadership of students’ work is carried out by the leading scientific and pedagogical workers in all scientific areas operating on the Department.

In 2015, an agreement on cooperation between the Department of Systems Engineering and the Institute of Machine Building Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was signed. Within this agreement scientific and technical cooperation is carried out, internships of the department employees and practice of students are planned. Three employees of the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Optimal Design of Institute of Machine Building Problems of the National Academy of Sciences work part-time at the Department of Systems Engineering.