Research and development results

On the basis of fundamental research of Systems Engineering Department, applied problems of creating decision support systems for various socio-economic and technical objects are solved. Outstanding developments of the department:

  • concept of the Kharkiv region informatization;
  • technical project for launch complex of Government information and analytical system for the prevention of emergencies;
  • technical project for automated system for registration, processing and control postal items passage on the territory of Ukraine;
  • concept and program of creation of State Integrated Information and Analytical System for moving objects management;
  • construction principles and designing methods for decision support systems;
  • management systems for territorially distributed systems design, creation and development;
  • information technologies in the tasks of geometric design;
  • methodology of system analysis and design of modern computerized business systems;
  • information technologies for business process reengineering.

Results of the research are used in Bachelors’ and Masters’ Thesis and in Academic Disciplines like: “Computerized Control Systems Design”, “Mathematical Optimization Methods”, “Management of Corporate Computer Systems Development Projects”, “Computer Modeling of Systems Dynamics” “Modern Management Technologies in Organizational Systems”.

Due to considerable scientific work, the Department of Systems Engineering regularly wins competitions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and receives funding for research at the expense of state budget.

The Department of Systems Engineering took part in the competitive selection of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for scientific and technical (experimental) development under the state order for 2019-2020 with the project “Creation of innovative computer technologies for solving decision-making problems in systems of industrial and defense purposes”. The support letters from departments of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine were obtained.

Based on research results in 2013-2018, 13 monographs, 14 textbooks, 179 articles in professional journals, 26 of which were indexed by Scopus and Web of Sciens, 221 report theses were published and 3 patents were received.